When You Pray Something Is Always Happening

30 years in a wheelchair is 30 years too long. I believe I know what not to do and say when attacked by sickness.  I know how to resist an injury and see it improve rather than allow it to stay. I’ve made mistakes that caused healing to get stuck in the pipes. I also know what it feels like when people pray with me, what feels encouraging and what discourages me.

For prayer ministers: Number one mistake?  Don’t blame me in your heart, for my handicap. God sees me as innocent by the Blood of Jesus and so should you.  If you believe I’m guilty, don’t pray. 2. Don’t put pressure on me to get out of the wheelchair. Just tell me whatever you are hearing from God. 3 Asking questions about my condition isn’t the greatest way to minister. You need to healing.jpgseek God and tell me what you see or hear. The less you know or hear about my physical condition, the more you will rely on the Holy Spirit. Speak death to any malfunctions and life to the body. Any bodily damage, will be corrected now.

Remember: When you pray, something is happening. Don’t be carnal and judge by your senses. Help me know something is happening every time we pray. Questions about anything new moving intimidate me. Either tell me to try moving muscles as you pray or tell me to relax; relaxing the body is an excellent way to help someone receive. Focus on hearing from God yourself. Are you getting a vision? Ask other praying people “is anyone getting a vision? A word?” God is always communicating. Ask me if I’m getting a vision or hearing anything. Encourage gifts of the Spirit to flow. All these are super-encouraging to me. If I start moving I’ll let you know. Something is happening in the spirit realm and if you aren’t aware of that, don’t be the prayer minister. Never allow anyone to feel that nothing has happened. Prayer is exciting and positive. Each person should feel the excitement that God’s Word is like fire and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces. ** Instruct me to watch for signs of improvement all the time. Don’t tell me to “expect” it. Tell me how to take notice of any improvement at all and to focus on it, speak it, and watch for more. Whatever you focus on increases. Focus on anything that is better. Satan tries to convince us that nothing is happening. We must believe it is.

These hints would help me feel like getting prayer every week. We will always get a vision, a Word from God, some kind of communication. That’s the exciting way to pray over someone.