Toxic Thoughts Cause Colds

I am now THOROUGHLY convinced that thoughts are the cause of allergies or the common cold. (And more) Let’s stick with allergies and colds for the sake of argument. While it’s true, allergic reactions can be deadly, I am 100% convinced they are thought-controlled. In other words, toxic thoughts have toxic chemical release, causing rashes, nausea, swelling, shortness of breath and paralysis. Dr. Caroline Leaf teaches on toxic thoughts so you can catch details with her, however, I recently proved this conclusion myself beyond what I learned from her.
I have been cold-free and allergy-free for years now. Yet a week ago I started getting allergy symptoms. Sneezing and blowing my nose for two days. Knowing already that I don’t believe in allergies or colds, I began resisting. I have my normal methods for resisting new colds, flus and allergies but this one kept coming. I started examining myself. (Not for sin but for what was different this time.) Two things I realized were different. One, I had allowed myself to get upset and dwell on something that got my “black trees” all stimulated, (black trees: bad thoughts and feelings in my brain that are triggered by certain thoughts) If I dwell on frustration, or the wrong doctrines holding people back from healing, or people who won’t listen to truth, or fears or failures, guilt or anything negative, this triggers stress “trees” in the brain and releases chemical toxins into the body which then starts a sickness symptom. Sneezing, itching, running nose begins because of something toxic I’m thinking. I believe this 100% and so I started attacking the symptoms another way. I relaxed. I distracted myself from meditating on anything stressful. I had relaxing thoughts, I watched movies and even had a “hot toddy” that my husband made, special. I won’t share details of my concoction, so as not to draw attention to a physical answer for a spiritual problem. The spiritual/Biblical answer was: controlling my thoughts. Thoughts are spiritual. Thoughts affect our bodies in many ways. Fear and stress are killers if we allow them to be. When somebody describes our favorite meal, we salivate; there are sexual responses to provocative thoughts; we cry over movies and on it goes. We cause adrenaline to flow during horror movies.
So I have a conclusion about the common cold. It is a thought-provoked sickness. That’s why there’s no medical cure. The cure is: take your thoughts captive (2 Cor 10:5). Think on things that are lovely (Phil 4:8). Laughter is good medicine (Prov 17:22) Again, many bodily symptoms are thought-provoked. A person will cry and sniffle, blow her nose and have a headache if she has watched a sad movie or if she is grieving. Everyone knows grieving thoughts cause tears, fear can cause panic attacks, or even happiness at a wedding can cause crying. Yet our subconscious thoughts can cause a series of sneezes and itching that cause exactly the same kind of symptoms as sadness. Subconscious thoughts, I believe, are responsible for everything in our bodies. The “heart” referred to in the Bible, I am completely convinced, is the subconscious. Out of it, flow the issues of life. It’s where we believe.
What about viruses? I am sure that everything we see under a microscope is actually there, however, the question is: does the virus cause the sickness? Or does the sickness cause our own brains to generate viruses? The traumas, sicknesses and diseases we suffer can actually cause our brain malfunctions to develop or chemical imbalances.You see, Satan has no power to cause sickness. He does have the ability to communicate thoughts to us. The thing is, demons have been around for thousands of years. They know our bodies better than us and how they tick. Thoughts can kill.

Keeping ourselves in joy and thanksgiving and forgiveness is truly the healthiest thing we can do. My cold symptoms left and it only took about 48 hours. I rest my case.