Fear Not!

This shirt is powerfully profound and such a great way to minister to people, especially during the Halloween season. Fear is promoted at this time of year as a form of fun. Scary and shocking images are welcomed and promoted. I love wearing this Tshirt2tim because the orange color and pumpkin on front give the appearance of Halloween, yet the spirit and message of this shirt reflects the opposite spirit of Halloween.

With so many struggling with anxiety and depression they fill their hearts with horror movies and criminal mindsets on TV.  Death in general, murder, torture and victimization are  studied by those watching. It’s not that I condemn the watching of movies or TV but this shirt reminds us that fear is actually the opposite of Christian  faith.  This message is for all year! It’s therapeutic to wear these, reminding yourself and others to resist fear. Jesus said “fear not” and the angels always say that. There’s a reason. Fear is actually faith for the fearnot_greennegative. Fear is like praying for bad things. Worry and anxiety are meditation on failure, sickness, doom and gloom. This is all bad. FEAR NOT is a commandment. So, remind yourself and others to resist fear with these shirts! It looks great on black, orange, blue and army-green! We remove the pumpkin after October.

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