Scary Faith

The level of faith that I am hanging with is not only an exciting group, some would say it’s scary! When you need miracles in your life, you are willing to learn how to operate at a level of faith that terrifies the flesh. That’s because it’s beyond natural means and when you go there, at some point you have to let go of the boat you were in and step out on the water. There’s a moment when you say to yourself, “what am I doing out here on the water? This is crazy!” Then you look back and see that the boat you were in is on fire. “Ah now I remember why I left the boat,” and you keep walking …in faith. When you start using faith, it’s just a game; it’s like realizing you could live a more exciting life if you wanted but you don’t have to. When I started learning how to see my faith work, I rebuked allergies and saw them leave. But it wasn’t very risky. The more miraculous your goal becomes, the more risk is involved.

My ladies’ faith group discussions are scary-exciting. Faith is like swimming. You can’t tell someone when it’s ok to jump in. You can’t say “just do what I did.” If her faith isn’t where yours is then it’s not safe to tell a person when to stop taking medication or when to disregard the medical report. Yet, when a person says she feels God is saying “you don’t need chemotherapy” or “God told me to get up and leave the hospital” or “stop taking the medication” …my faith gets excited and says “Yay!” It’s you and God all the way, baby. He’s excited when you trust Him. We are seeing amazing miracles!  A doctor looks at the report and then looks at her and says “you don’t look like you have all these problems. You look so healthy!” And she says “I am healed by the stripes of Jesus!”  The faith question is always, Whose report will you believe? (Isaiah 53:1) Victory is ours!

As a Christian we often start with milk. You can listen to Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen and be blessed by their messages, encouraged and feel much better emotionally. It is definitely necessary to learn that your battle starts in your mind. You need to know that there is an enemy, the devil, who talks to us and steals our joy. You need to know how to resist selfish behavior and how to Enjoy Every Day Life. However, when you are having a life and death battle or you need to get out of a wheelchair, you need to move on to the hardcore stuff.  You need scary faith! Andrew Wommack raised his son from the dead and teaches faith in action. His ministry will bridge you into the new realization that God wants you well. You will learn that you never have to be sick again and death is not the final report! Andrew teaches emergency faith in his “Christian First Aide Kit.”      Curry Blake is scary faith! Curry took over for John G. Lake Ministries.  Curry also raised a daughter from the dead; he tells us how to have “grit” in our faith. With authority like a police officer, he teaches you to take faith as seriously as arresting a criminal in your house. He compares faith to The Matrix movie. I love that!

I get a healthy dose of these ministries daily so that my mind thinks it’s normal to raise the dead.  I believe I will be more like a Navy Seal or a Secret Service agent, spiritually speaking. Our meetings discuss faith in such a way as top-secret information. My desire for knowledge in faith is pushing into quantum physics. Jesus and the disciples had  scary faith – “Quantum Faith.” Annette Capps teaches on that mind-boggling subject. It’s the kind of faith where Paul shakes off a snake that bit him in Acts 28, the faith where Jesus “passed through the midst of them,” Luke 4:30.  Paul couldn’t be killed no matter what they did to him; he got up and walked away after he appeared to be dead, or perhaps he was dead. Why wouldn’t we be able to raise from the dead? We are to do greater works than Jesus, He said.

To get started, check out the YouTubes of Jason Westerfield, Todd White and Art Montgomery. Radical street evangelists who practice what they preach, miracles. To learn how, listen to those who teach the Word on why we have authority over sickness and how it works. Without learning what  the Bible says, without being born-again and spirit-filled, your just dabbling in an occultic counterfeit faith, witchcraft, unguided by the Holy Spirit. 

Renewing your mind into higher levels of faith involves letting go of believing the natural realm is reality. Get ready!  Welcome to the Kingdom of God!

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