Forget Not His Benefits – It’s A Matter Of Life

ribbon_pocket sizeCurry Blake of John G. Lake Ministries lost a baby daughter to a disease because he didn’t know enough about healing. He didn’t know his rights in Christ at that time but he fervently pursued knowledge of our right to health; after he learned and understood his authority in Christ he began saving lives by miraculous healing, raising the dead and casting out demons. Then a second daughter fell out of a window and died; but this time was different. This time he knew what to do and in  45 minutes that daughter was brought back to life. (John G. Lake Ministries)
Andrew Wommack learned his authority over death and sickness before his own son died at age 20 something…. For 5 hours. His son was dead and toe tagged for 5 hours in a hospital while Andrew and his wife were called by his other son with the sad news. Andrew knew what to do. His faith was exercised and he knew…Oh! he knew whose report to believe! He knew how to command life into his son’s body, even over miles away. And when they arrived at the hospital, they learned the 5 minutes after his living son hung up, the dead one sat up! Andrew is also teaching healing around the world along with salvation, as we all should be aware, it’s a package deal. (Andrew Wommack Ministry)
I was unaware that I had a benefits package when I was injured in 1985; I didn’t know paralysis is not permanent in Christ. So I “waited upon the Lord” to heal me. When I learned how to apply my faith 20 years later, I stopped receiving sickness and started refusing every package that Satan brought to my door. Yet the paralysis lingered. My heart needs convincing of my body’s health. However! That’s not all! My mother began to become paralyzed two years ago, and I knew what to do.

About 2years ago my mother was becoming numb and immobile in her right leg at first and then the left leg followed until she submitted to finally be hospitalized 1 year ago. At this point she was told she had a strange and unexplainable “mass” on her spine growing and paralyzing her. The doctors didn’t know how fast it was growing but they thought it would progressively get worse. At this time she was paralyzed from the waist down. Fear was crouching at her door and hopelessness right behind it. Depression, sadness, crying, pity and helplessness were moving in with them. Death was looking very attractive to her.
Now I must include that my own situation plays a part in this. In 1985 I suffered a spinal cord injury. Paralysis and I know each other well. I am only too familiar with the exact details of living that way and my 80 year old mother was now experiencing the same sudden loss that I experienced 28 years ago and continue to deal with daily . I was now re-living my own tragic loss and trying to support my elderly mother through the worst nightmare of her life; one exactly like my own.
Thank God for the understanding of grace and faith for healing I had learned over the past 8 years listening to Andrew Wommack teachings and those of Curry Blake, Charles Capps and our own healing school at House on the Rock Church in Michigan. Even though I haven’t finished my own healing journey, one thing I did know for sure was that it’s easier to reverse a problem when you “speak to the mountain” (or growth) early on, not as easy after years of living with it. I knew how to harness my emotions and I knew how to speak life. I wasn’t sure how to help someone who isn’t on board with these truths but I spoke to her body like it was my own and expected it to listen. Like a spiritual police officer, I was arresting the violator of God’s Word, paralysis, and it had to go.
As our family set up mom’s rehab, home care and financial concerns we did not speak of anything but recovery. I said “Mom this is all temporary and we won’t speak of anything but expected improvement.” We all agreed that nothing else was an option. Only by learning that God wants us well was I able to reject this evil plan for my mother. I stood against this for her because she did not know the things I knew. In desperation, she was willing to agree to our words of hope and submit to prayer therapy from my husband and I as well as visits and ministry from a prayer team leader at our church. Speaking to her body to repair itself and commanding that “mass” to shrink, we continued to believe and watch and expect. My mom was directed sternly by our church minister  that if she simply did not cancel our prayers with her own doubtful words, she will see results. It was her job to not speak death but only life.
Over the past year, mom has improved. Month after month, her legs have regained use and hope has definitely been resurrected. She can stand a little and kick both feet. The left leg is completely functional and she can now kick the right leg from the knee. We have all been sighing relief and now have high hopes of complete recovery. Her doctor and therapists cannot explain this improvement. My mother keeps telling them “it’s God!”
As I watch my mother’s body revive, it certainly is doing a work on my own ability to believe. I have never witnessed a healing of paralysis before and I feel God telling me:  “This is good for your victory too – the quickest way to convince your own heart to believe is to watch someone else get healed of the same problem you have.Once you’ve conquered it in your heart, it’s done.”  I keep hearing the words “double healing” in my spirit and it’s already mine. I am sure God had no part in paralyzing my mom for my benefit but I know that what Satan means for evil, God can turn for good. ” And all things work unto good,” Romans 8:28 says “for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

It is this miracle that drives me to minister the truth about healing to others even before I actually stand up. Learning the truth about applying your faith is a matter of life. Raising awareness of our benefits in Christ saves lives. I’m not going to wait for the manifestation of my own healing to teach others not to settle for less. You can be healed today. Learn how and be healed!