Sin Sin Go Away

The nitty gritty of sin is that it’s spiritual.  We need to stop wrestling, struggling, resisting and striving! Just get rid of it! Imagine lives without addictions and unhealthy behaviors that damage relationships. Imagine crime rate going down. Imagine Christians walking in the freedom that Christ died to give them. Getting rid of the sin that so easily entangle is as easy as getting saved. Don’t just stop doing things, get rid of the desire that nags! 

There’s no sense in talking about sin as an act because it’s not about the action. Preaching against sin is most often just condemnation mixed with guilt trips. It’s not helpful. I can’t stand the preaching against sin that’s being done because it’s just an illusion of superiority instead of helping people get free! Grace sets us free! Deliverance sets us free. Stop preaching on what everyone is doing and start preaching the answer. The truth is we can be delivered of every sin and their desires with simple steps! This striving against the “flesh” is just law, law, law and not helping anyone. Homosexuality, drugs, pornography and every other bondage are all spiritual and can stop being a struggle when we know how. 

Stop being nagged and enslaved by sins. The truth sets us fee. Learn how to get rid of the desire for sins in Chapter 7 of First Wash The Inside.  

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